5 Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Hacks

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1. Select Specific Villagers for Campsite and Cabin

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is more than just about the simplicity of the game. It is also about plan and strategy to make your gameplay more productive. One of the example is you need a plan to choose what furniture to craft depending on the craft time and whether you have sufficient craft materials. You can always ensure you have enough craft materials by selecting only specific Villagers for your campsite and cabin. Here is how:

  • First, you need to know that one villager will always give you the same type of craft materials (cottons, woods, steels, papers, or preserves) as primary.
  • Every three hours, random villagers will spawn in any of the recreation spots.
  • Choose the villagers that you don’t need the craft materials from, and always put in Cabin, so they won’t show in any of the recreation spots.
  • Choose the villagers that you need the craft materials from, and put in Campsite. While in your campsite, talk to any villagers that wanted to talk to you (sometimes they will give items) and fulfill any requests they want
  • Kick the villager out of your campsite just before the spawn cycle changes. If those villagers did spawn in any of the recreation spots, you can complete three extra tasks from them. Once you have done that, add the villagers back to your campsite so that you have another chance of getting craft materials.
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2. Trees Hacks

People say money don’t grow on trees? They do in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Once a day make sure you shake trees which do not grow or produce any fruits. You can get up to 1,000 bells hidden and randomly drops from one of the trees.
Another tree hack is you might notice that your inventory space get full quickly as you collect more and more items. When you don’t have any room left to store the fruits, you can shake the trees and just leave them on the ground. The fruits will stay as long as you are not picking them up and you can come back to collect whenever you have the inventory slots.

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3. My Nintendo Rewards

You should link your Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game to a Nintendo account where you can redeem exclusive gears and extra in-game materials. If you don’t have a Nintendo account, you can just sign up for one very easily within the game. Once you linked the Nintendo account, you will get a free x100 Leaf Tickets in your mailbox. Linking one also allows you to save your in-game progress into the cloud, enabling you to connect your character from another devices. There will be two tabs in My Nintendo menu, first is the Rewards tab where you can redeem any items in the list with your points. Second tab is the Mission, where you see list of missions that you can carry out to get additional points. The mission will be updated weekly, so make sure you check frequently and complete all missions!

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4. Fortune Cookies Hacks

Fulfilling villager’s request by giving them at least uncommon (tier 2) and rare (tier 3) items will give you some chances to get rare rewards such as bronze treats, maps, and even fortune cookies. However, you will be receiving only the specific fortune cookies such as Timmy’s Fortune Cookie, Tommy’s Fortune Cookie and Clothing Fortune Cookie. Giving a villager Rare+ (tier 4) and Super Rare (tier 5) items give you 100% chances to get one of those fortune cookies, however, it might not be a good investments. You might be better to just sell them in your market box and hope someone will buy them for extra bells.

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5. More Friends, More Benefits

No need to be picky about adding human player as friend or accepting friend requests. More friends will benefit you a lot, like helping you get into the Shovelstrike Quarry quickly, selling items you might need in their market box, and earning more Friend Powder by watering and cross-pollinating their garden, helped them into quarry, or by sharing creatures during garden events. One player can have up to a maximum of 100 Friends, so be sure to keep around only the active ones by checking the last time they logged-in from the Friend list.
There are many ways you can add friend in the game:

  • Recreation spots: Other players can appear at any of the recreation spots from time to time. It could be either your friends or any random players.
  • Recommended players: Request a friend request to random players in the recommended player list
  • Send a tune: Place your device near other player’s device to add them as friend.
  • Share your ID: Each player will be given dedicated ID that you can share to other players via messaging apps and email. You can also share your ID to any Pocket Camp community such as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp subreddit (r/ACPocketCamp) on Reddit.
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For more information, you might want to take a look into Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Wiki by Gamepedia.

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