5 Best PUBG Weapons

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1. M24

M24 is used to be an air drop item but now it is spawnable. With this in hand, we could do the head shot that we always wanted to do. This sniper rifle is one of the strongest spawn able weapon in PUBG. It has high damage and a faster fire rate than kar98k. It uses the 7.62mm ammo which is quite easy to be found. But players who want to use this weapon have to have train themselves first due to its difficulty to be used.

Source: PUBG Lite

2. AKM

AKM is one of the feared weapons in PUBG especially in the beginning of a match. It has the highest damage per hit of all the assault rifles, the same as Groza. It also uses the 7.62mm ammunition which can be easily found. However, it is very hard to use due to the heavy recoil and bullet drop. To master this weapon, it is a must for players to play in the training mode first. A tip for using this weapon, get all the accessories needed ready first before getting one of these rifles.

Source: PUBG Lite

3. Groza

This air drop weapon can hit with the same power as on AKM and is in the second highest firing rate of assault rifle. The weapon is also known as the Thunderstorm or Terror for its unique terrifying sound when fired. At a close-range combat, this weapon is devastating so don’t try to take any chances! However, the same as the previous weapons, it takes some getting used to. A hint for using this weapon, don’t forget to pick up an AR suppressor first before using this weapon!

Source: PUBG Lite

4. M249

An air drop weapon that can shred your enemy to pieces. M249 are one of the best weapons because of its insane rate of fire and low recoil. It uses 5.56mm ammo and has a 100 round magazine which can be a tremendous advantage to defeat a squad in one go. But it has the most disadvantage drawback — an 8s reload time! This is the longest period of reload in the game, so make sure to grab a backup weapon up in your sleeve.

Source: PUBG Lite

5. AWM

A sniper rifle that is able to one-shot kill a player with level 3 helmet, and, in addition, is its terrifying sound. AWM is an air drop weapon with the greatest accuracy, low recoil, and low bullet recovery. In order to balance these advantages, the AWM has a high reload time and has a unique ammunition that can only be found in air drops. Be sure to keep on tracking its bullets when using this weapon!

Source: PUBG Lite

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