5 Fastest Humans on Earth

Featured image via Britannica

1. Jerry Miculek – Fastest Shooter in the world

Miculek holds a bunch of national and international hand gun, rifle, and shotgun titles. He is the fastest revolver shooters across the world, capable of emptying a five-shot revolver within 0.57 seconds in a group the size of card. Miculek shoots in competitions roughly 150 days per year.

Source: Jerry Miculek – Pro Shooter

2. Usain Bolt – Fastest Runner in the world

Usain Bolt is one of the world’s most recognized sportsman with a record-breaking of nine gold medals at three consecutive Olympics: 2008, 2012, and 2016. Bolt was talented ever since he began sprinting as a junior, but burst upon the World field with a apparently effortless dominance of the 100m and 200m final at Beijing Olympics. Bolt’s charm has transcended sport, due to his charismatic, charming and laid-back approach.

Source: Best of Sports

3. Red Bull – Fastest Pit Stop F1 in the world

Red Bull Racing has set yet another new F1 pit stop record in just 1.82 seconds of service time happening on 17 November 2019 at Autódromo José Carlos Pace in São Paulo, Brazil.
Race champion Max Verstappen was behind the wheel, claiming his Brazilian Grand Prix victory.
This was the 3rd time that Red Bull Racing had broken the quickest F1 pit stop record within the 2019 season.

Source: DHL

4. Seven Wade – Fastest Clapper in the world

It didn’t get much convincing for nine year-old Seven Wade to go after his 1st record. The student based on Florida was scrolling on the Guinness World Records YouTube channel where he seen record holder Eli Bishop showing his talent for accomplishing the Most claps in one minute. What initially attracted Seven was the method that Eli used – which then inspired him to attempt it out for himself. Like all novices, he came nowhere fast near the record during his 1st few attempts – he basically just wanted to learn how exactly the current title holder clap his hands quickly.
As Seven had been actively playing the drums since he was kid, the thought of maintaining a consistent beat was extremely familiar to him, so he became progressively better. It was only a matter of time before Seven overcome the record himself, accomplishing a total of 1,080.

Source: Guinness World Records

5.Yusheng Du – Fastest Rubic Cube Solver

Yushen Du is a Chinese speedcuber. Yusheng Du shaved off 0.75 seconds from the world record of Feliks Zemdegs (4.22s) setting the new Rubik’s Cube single World Record at an remarkable 3.47 seconds. The Wuhu Open 2018 competition was arranged in Wuhu, China.
On official WCA speedcubing contests the competitors carry out five solves, they drop the fastest and slowest times and average the three times in the middle. His final results in the round were 11.13, 3.47, 8.80, DNF and 7.07. This is the reason why, despite the fact that he set a new world record, Yusheng Du finished 3rd on this competition along with an average of 9 seconds. Both Antoine Cantin (7.87) and Kaijun Lin (8.21) happen to be a little bit faster.

Source: MoYu Cube

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