5 Hardest Pokémon Champions Battle

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The goal of every Pokémon masters is to become a Pokémon Champion that stand above all. This is a title that will only be given if you could beat the best of the best in the franchise or the person who reigning champion. The journey to be the best is not smooth. You would have to level up your Pokémon and think of a strategy such as type advantages to beat the great champions. And, these are the list of the 5 hardest Pokémon champion battle in the franchise.

5. Lance

In the fifth slot we have Lance, the champion of Kanto region in gen II and IV. He is considered as one of the best dragon-type Pokémon trainers in the universe. His team consists of Dragonite as the most notable one and there are three of them in his team. However, this is not going to a challenge if you have ice beam or ice type move to counter them. He is also considered as the “cheating” champion because in Pokémon gold/silver, his Aerodactyl has rock slide in its move pool, and his Dragonites are also under-leveled at level fifth-ish where Dragonair is unable to evolved into Dragonites.

4. Iris

The fourth place goes to Iris, the youngest champion of the series. She was before a gym leader of Opeculid city in Pokémon White and was asked by Alder to become the Pokémon champion in Black 2 and White 2 of the Unova region. She is a Pokémon trainer that uses dragon type Pokémons with her most notable Pokémon which is Haxorus. Her team in both games are very well-balanced despite the weakness in ice types. However, she has some Pokémons which could counter ice types.

3. Blue

As a formidable rival for the protagonist, despite his bad attitudes. Blue’s high-level and well-balanced team in Pokémon Red & Blue will surely provide you a challenge in the battle. His Pokémon also differ depending on your chosen starter in the beginning of the game. A lot of players consider his battle satisfactory, and because of this, he will be one of the best champions in the series.

2. Steven

Some players would be very challenged in when battling Steven in the original Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald game. However, in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire we could already figure out what strategy that we will use. He is a master in steel type Pokémon which have the best base stats in defense and 11 type resistances in gen II till V and 10 type resistance in 10 types in gen VI, and also immune to poison. His notable Pokémon would be Metagross which could mega-evolved in gen VI. Mega Metagross is one of the best mega-evolved Pokémons in OR/AS.

1. Cynthia

In the top of our list is of course the champion of the Sinnoh region. She is the most feared champion among the fans of the series. This happens due to the choice of her Pokémon and also the variety of move pools that could counter most teams. In addition, her Pokémons could over-leveled your Pokémons if you don’t grind much. One thing that we could relate the most in this battle is the wonder of what spiritomb’s weakness are. Also, after a deadly fight with Lucario and Milotic, she will throw you her Garchomp. She really deserves the title of the most challenging Pokémon champions battle.
P.s. Don’t forget about the intimidating music when battling her.

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