5 Highest Paying Jobs in the United States (Non-Medical)

NOTE: Below is list of top five jobs with the highest average annual salary, excluding all medical-related jobs.

1. Chief Executives

Average salary: $189,600 per annum

On average, Chief executives earn $189,600 annually. In general, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is considered as the highest-ranking position within a company. They plan strategies and provide overall direction for companies and to ensure that the company meets its goals and objectives. Almost every industry and business, either they are big or small, have their own chief executive.

Source: Chief Executive Magazine

2. Computer and Information Systems Managers

Average salary: $142,530 per annum

Computer and Information Systems Managers, or often called IT (Information Technology) managers, make an average annual salary of $142,530. Most of IT managers have educational background in computer science or information systems. They generally leads a company’s IT department and is in charge and responsible for all computer-related activity within the company. Demand in this position will increase as most of companies start to expand their business to digital platforms.

Source: Robert Half

3. Architectural and Engineering Managers

Average salary: $140,760 per annum

The typical architectural and engineering managers makes $140,760 every year. They plan, manage, and coordinate overall technical activities in architecture and engineering projects. They also create detailed strategies and plans as well as doing the research and development in these fields. Before becoming manager, one must at least have considerable work experiences for several years as an architect or engineer.

Source: Fremont Tribune

4. Airline Pilots, Co-pilots, and Flight Engineers

Average salary: $140,340 per annum

The salary varies among airlines, but the average airline pilots/co-pilots and flight engineers earn $140,340 per year. Commercial airline pilots/co-pilots transport people and cargo from one place to another via an aircraft (e.g. airplane, helicopter, etc). While flight engineers are responsible to monitor and control the complex aircraft systems. They work together as part of a flight team with some other crew members, particularly during the takeoff and landing.

Source: Getty Images

5. Petroleum Engineers

Average salary: $137,170 per annum

Petroleum engineers have an average annual salary of $137,170. Petroleum engineers are responsible to plan the drilling methods and techniques (both offshore and onshore) used to extract hydrocarbons, such as oil and natural gas from below the Earth’s surface. The engineer’s task is not really ended once a well is drilled as they still need to stay in production for decades. The engineers will take in charge for the extraction as well as the transporation of the oil or gas in a way that respects environmental and safety regulations.

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For more information, please visit U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS website.

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