5 Hottest Chili Peppers on Earth (Scoville Scale)

NOTE: SHU (Scoville Heat Units) is a measure of spiciness, which is based upon the concentration of Capsaicin — chemical compound in chili peppers that produces the hot flavor. For comparison, a jalapeño has a spiciness ranging from 2,500 to 8,000 SHU.

1. Pepper X

SHU: 3,180,000

The Pepper X was first developed by Ed Currie, founder of PuckerButt Pepper Company. Ed dedicated his life to research and grow chilies after knowing that capsaicin found in chili peppers had the potential as a cancer medication. Eventually he became the holder of the current Guinness World Record for the hottest chili pepper in the world with his Carolina Reaper which hit the peak at 2.2 million on the Scoville scale. The same man has now developed yet another new “Hellish” hot pepper, The Pepper X with 3.18 million SHU. The pepper has since been submitted to Guinness World Record, so it’s just several tests away from becoming the number one. The Pepper X is actually the pepper behind the well-known sauce called “The Last Dab” from a YouTube web series “Hot Ones.” The seeds and plants are yet to be sold commercially, however, you can buy the sauce to feel Pepper X yourself.

Source: Heatsupply

2. Dragon’s breath

SHU: 2,480,000

Another new type of chili pepper based in the UK, the Dragon’s Breath, which unofficially beaten the Carolina Reaper with an amazing 2.48 million SHU. Unfortunately, The Dragon’s Breath is not for commercial consumption at this moment. It was originally developed to be put to use in health treatment as an anesthetic, so you won’t be able to find one so easily. For most, it’s merely too hot for consumption even amongst extreme spicy food cravers. It was named Dragon’s Breath just after the symbol of Wales — “The Welsh dragon”. Months after it holds the label of the world’s hottest pepper, the Dragon’s Breath peppers have since been bested by Pepper X.

Source: Live Science

3. Carolina Reaper

SHU: 2,200,000

Despite being the third hottest peppers on Earth in the list, Carolina Reaper is currently the only pepper that officially recorded in the book of Guinness World Records as the world’s hottest chili pepper since November 2013. The peppers have an average score of 1.65 million SHU with several individual Carolina Reapers as high as 2.2 million SHU. Regardless of the extremely sizzling heat of this satanic hot pepper, the Carolina Reaper is unexpectedly fruity and sweet. It has made appearance after appearance in multiple chili pepper eating competition.

Source: Wikipedia

4. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

SHU: 2,010,000

Developed in Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad Moruga Scopion peppers named fourth most hottest peppers on Earth with heat ranging around 1.2 million to 2 million SHU. If you are to cook one of these, you might want to exercise caution especially when you are handling the pepper. You should wear the protective hand gloves, even though quite often those hand gloves will not be enough to keep your hands from getting numb due to the intense amounts of capsaicin. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion comes in 3 color variants — yellow, chocolate, and red. Just like the Carolina Reaper, the Trinidad Scorpion has a quite long and thin tail at the lower part of the pepper. It features a resemblance of a scorpion’s tail and it was actually how the pepper got its name.

Source: RareSeeds

5. 7 Pot Douglah

SHU: 1,850,000

Also known as the “Chocolate 7 Pot”, the 7 Pot Douglah is undoubtedly one of the hottest peppers you can find on Earth. The chocolate 7 pot tested at 1 million SHU on the low end and 1.85 million SHU on the high end. 7 Pot Douglah do not adhere to the typical maturation color pattern — from green to red — just like most of other chili peppers. Instead, they age from green to a brown/chocolate and heavily wrinkled. The flavor of the 7 Pot Douglah is not only sweet and fruity, but also a little earthy and nutty. 7 Pot Douglah comes out of Trinidad word “Douglah” which means a mixed race person — Indies, Africa and Latin America descent.

Source: PepperScale

So can you die from eating one of these peppers? The answer is yes and no. Yes, it is possible to overdose on capsaicin, but most likely you won’t die after eating only one of these.

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