5 Ideas for an Easy, Quick, and Delicious Smoothie

Smoothies are one of the nutritious foods you can easily create by only using a blender. You can eat them for breakfast, as a dessert, or a late-night meal. There are some tips for making a great creamy and delicious smoothie such as 1) Use frozen fruit to give more body, 2) Add some thickener like yogurts, a banana, or peanut butter, 3) Don’t forget to choose complementing flavor for your smoothie (You probably wouldn’t want to make any Frankenstein smoothie). 4) Add in some toppings for more flavor. Here are some great smoothie recipes that you can try!

1. Mixed Berry Smoothie

The first smoothie in this list is the delicious tangy smoothie with raspberry, blueberry, strawberry. You could also substitute any of the berries or add blackberry if you like. A great thickener complementary to this smoothie is Greek yogurt or any yogurt base on your preference. This smoothie area loaded with antioxidants and high in fiber.

Source: The Daily Meal

2. Tropical Smoothie

This smoothie will take you on a trip tropical place for your hot summer. A great combination to create this tropical sensation is none then Banana + coconut and Mango + coconut. Both of them have rich flavor and will satisfy your craving for sweetness. A simple way to add the coconut flavor is by coconut yogurt or coconut milk. You can also add honey and fresh mint to give an extra kick.

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3. Veggie Smoothie

Using vegetables for your smoothie will of course create a green-colored smoothie. A great veggie that will a vibrant green-color and also delicious is the combination of kale and spinach. To thicken the smoothie, you could add frozen Kiwis and of course banana. Adding coconut water or yogurts will also give some more body to the smoothie. By only adding few fruits this smoothie will of course give you less natural sugar.

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4. Avocado with Chocolate Chips Smoothie

Another green smoothie that is creamy and delicious with the base of Avocado. Avocado will give a lot of body to your smoothie, but you could still add bananas or other thickener to make it denser. A great complement to this smoothie is to add chocolate flavor to it. You could add in some chocolate chips to create the perfect combination of avocado and chocolate for your meal.

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5. Yellow Pineapple Smoothie

This smoothie will give you a nice yellow color to shine up your day. Take some pineapple as the base and add other fruit such as apples or carrots to create a nice yellow orange color. A great complement to this smoothie is almond milk to give a nutty kick.

Source: Eat This Much

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