5 Interesting Facts About The Rothschild Family

NOTE: The Rothschild Family is a Jewish family originating in Frankfurt, Germany, the family have been the Europe’s biggest and most famous banking dynasty since 1760s. All the way through the 19th century, the family was claimed to possess the greatest private fortune on earth. Even, at one point, they were said to have control over half of the money across the world. The Rothchilds reign over various financial industries and institution and have led to so many conspiracy theories over time.

1. The Rothschilds have much more fortune than they’re willing to reveal

Apparently, the Rothschild Family have a total net worth of approximately $250 billion, when their numerous businesses and assets are taking into accounts. With so many family members though, it is believed that they could actually be worth over a trillion dollars. The most well known members of the family who are presumed to own a substantial individual wealth are frequently absent from Forbes’ list of wealthiest people on earth.

Source: The Nation

2. The family urged marriages among relatives

To be able to preserve the money within the family, and to sustain their Jewish traditions, the initial Rothschild’s elder made it really tough for their children, especially daughters and granddaughters, to marry anyone but their own cousins. Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty, made it so that his women in the family could hardly get much of an inheritance if they did not obey with his pairings. Eventually, many ended up getting married to their own cousins and even one of the family members, Betty Salomon, married her uncle in 1824.

Source: Disclose.tv

3. The Rothschild Family are said to have manipulated the gold market

It was said that they also manipulated the gold market for more than two centuries. In 2004, the Rothschilds officially withdrawn from the gold market. But before the withdrawal, N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd., which was founded by Nathan Mayer Rothschild in 1811, would host appointments two times a week with other companies such as Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Société Générale, and ScotiaMocattato, to set the world’s gold price. The moment that the company declared it would close it doors, the price of gold significantly fell by around $7 an ounce.

Source: FX Empire

4. The Rothschilds funded the Napoleonic Wars

The British war against Napoleon was tremendously expensive. In the act of desperation, The British government turned to the Rothschilds for loans. They would loan money to the government to support them fight the war and subsequently profit even more when they were paid back. Relying on unavoidable financial fall that usually comes after war, they would even profit from the defeated countries. Proving that they could manage everything but the weather, the Rothschilds have appeared to financed several number of wars and issues to influence the outcome.

Source: Wikipedia

5. Lord Rothschild’s Zebra carriage

Lord Walter Rothschild, a very wealthy banker and a zoologist of the Rothschild family, had zebras to pull his carriage rather than horses simply because he was so captivated by animals. He even used to ride on the back of a Galápagos tortoise – the largest living species of tortoise.

Source: Reddit

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