5 iPhone Features You Probably Not Aware of

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1. Choose the feel of your home button

This feature is only available in iPhone 7 and above. The vibration of your home button of your iPhone can be customized iPhone’s settings. You can set this in Settings > pick General > Home button and select the level of vibration which suits you.

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2. Making your keyboard into a trackpad

Your iPhone keyboard can act as a trackpad. This feature function is to move the cursor more accurately to move through text without tapping on the screen. But keep in mind that this feature can only be done on iPhones with 3D Touch capabilities and any iPad. To activate the trackpad, you just need to press and hold anywhere on the keyboard. After that, you can drag your finger around the text. On iPad, just drag down the keyboard with two fingers.

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3. Hide private photos

How private someone’s phone is to them; they will still give it to their friends. Sometimes we have a really private picture that we don’t want anyone to see. This feature is very helpful for those people. The picture won’t be visible in Collections, Moments, and Year views. But it will still be opened through the albums screen inside Hidden folder. How to do it? Go inside Photos > select the images > tap Share button > choose Hide or you can just tap and hold on the image > choose Hide > choose Hide Photo.

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4. Notification via camera flash

Sometimes, audio phone notification can be disturbing and distracting to other people. When this happen, you can use this feature. It will change the sound notification to the flashlight notification. This feature is helpful when you are in a meeting or somewhere where you have to silent your phone. To activate this feature, go to Settings > tap General and Accessibility > then switch the LED Flash for Alerts On.

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5. Making custom replies for missed call

Missed call will always happen when you are busy or maybe didn’t see a call. For people who wants to avoid this, you can use this great feature. iOS gives us a few text responses that will be sent with only a tap. You can also create your own responses. To do this, go to Settings > click Phone > pick Respond With Text and create your own responses.

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