5 Longest Goals in Premier League History

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5. Xabi Alonso

Distance: 65 yards
Match: Liverpool vs Newcastle United
Season: 2006/07

Scored by a central midfielder of Liverpool, Xabi Alonso scored the goal againts Newcastle United in a 2-0 Premiership win. Newcastle United goalkeeper, Steve Harper was seen to slip while attempting to stop the ball from entering the goal.
Alonso announced his retirement from football at the end of the 2016–17 season and since become a manager in some of the Spanish football clubs.

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4. Charlie Adam

Distance: 66 yards
Match: Chelsea vs Stoke City
Season: 2014/15

One of the Premier League’s greatest goal in history, Stoke City’s Charlie Adam scored a stunning long-range goal with a sensational 66 yards from his own half. Chelsea won the game 2–1 but it was definitely once in a lifetime goal!

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3. Paul Robinson

Distance: 80 yards
Match: Tottenham Hotspur vs Watford
Season: 2006/07

Goalkeepers don’t score often. But when they do, it will be very special! Paul Robinson of Tottenham scored a 80 yards goal in a free kick againts Watford, just after Watford scored. He became the third keeper to score in a Premier League history.

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2. Asmir Begović

Distance: 97.5 yards
Match: Stoke City vs Southampton
Season: 2013/14

Stoke’s keeper Asmir Begović scored an instant goal from 97.5 yards within only 13 seconds in the first half. The goal that no one saw it coming broke two records at once – the fastest goal and the longest goal in football history by a goalkeeper, earning him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records (although this has been beaten).

Source: OLBastholm

1. Tim Howard

Distance: 101 yards
Match: Everton vs Bolton Wanderers
Season: 2011/12

At the top of the lists, we have a goalkeeper for Premier League club Everton, Tim Howard. He scored his first professional goal in a match against Bolton, from inside his own goal mouth. The ball skipped over every single player and then bounced right in front of Bolton’s goalkeeper Adam Bogdan, and straight into the net assisted by the strong wind! He actually felt bad for the goal and refused to celebrate.

Source: Everton Football Club

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