5 Microsoft Word Hacks You Should Know

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1. Set Preferred Font as Default

This hack will be useful for students and workers that constantly use the same font over and over again without the effort to change them every time you open a document. Microsoft word are now capable in adapting to your need or preference in documents, especially in font. Just click to the arrow at the right of the font box, pick your font and font size, then click on the set as default box in the lower left corner. Handy!

2. Copy and Paste Graphs or Diagrams in Picture Format

When you try to copy an excel table or graphs or diagrams to a word file, it will copy the table in the same format of table as in word. This table will be hard to be moved around and be put in the position you want. However, we can fix this problem by copying the table and paste it in the format of picture. Then, you can just play with the text wrapping and put the table as you like. You Just have to copy the table and click on the arrow below paste in the home tab. Then, choose Paste Special and click on Picture (enhanced metafile).

3. Set Your Own Shortcut

You are probably already familiar with some shortcuts in word. They can be hand in some cases. However, little did people know that they can create their own shortcut. This will be more convenient and easier to remember. First, click on the file tab. Then, click on options in the lower part. Choose customize ribbons and click on keyboard shortcut on the bottom part of the box. Now choose the particular function that you want to customize and write or customize the shortcut that you want.

4. Set Quick Styles

When creating a title or sub-title and even chapter and sub-chapter, we need to add some bolds, italics, and underline, or maybe a specific font. We need to click on these functions to create the text we desire. But, now, we can customize our own style of writing that have consist of all the formatting that you want. Firstly, click on the faced-down arrow in the styles box to show the “Create a style”. Click on the “Create a style” and select modify. Now, customize the style of text that you want.

5. Show Paragraph Marks for Advance Lay Outing

This hack is very useful for someone who usually do advance formatting. It can also be used to identify the amounts of paragraphs or tabs that we have created. Sometimes, we need to track down these to change them and make our document neater. Just click on the ¶ (paragraph mark) icon in the paragraph box. Then, you can see the paragraph marks or tabs that you have created.

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