5 Myths of Bermuda Triangle

1. Lost City of Atlantis

You have probably heard of Atlantis, the mythological city lies at the bottom of the sea. Some people believe that the lost city of Atlantis is situated somewhere within the massive area of Bermuda Triangle. One such conspiracy is that Atlantis used energy crystals to produce power for the city. This crystal supplied so much of the tremendous power and energy, powerful enough they can drag any planes or ships down.
Charles Berlitz, an American linguist and book author who obtained popularity on paranormal phenomena, he popularized the legend of the Bermuda Triangle in one of his best-selling book “The Bermuda Triangle” (1974). In the book, Berlitz stated that the magical lost city of Atlantis was involved in the disappearances.

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2. Alien Abduction

Another theories suggest that the Bermuda Triangle is associated to the alien hijacking vehicles and abducting human that head across the area. It could be the home to the underwater alien base which might clarify many of unexplainable disappearances. One Google Maps user has reported a blurry strange object resemble a UFO spaceship in the skies above a Florida swamp, just outside of Bermuda Triangle.
Thousands of people have vanished in the area of Bermuda Triangle, leaving science experts puzzled to provide logic and explanation. Extraterrestrial life enthusiasts believe that Aliens could be the one to blame. In 1492, when Christopher Columbus was on the edge of discovering America, he allegedly witnessed a UFO in the waters close to Bermuda. It was written in Columbus’s Journal about the sighting of unknown light during the first expedition of Christopher Columbus.

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3. Time Portal

Some concluded that the Bermuda Triangle could be portals to other times and places, where the planes and ships are transported in time. Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, when people vanish into the Triangle, they end up traveling into the future or past. Either way, though, they can never come back to the present time.
A hypnotherapist called Dolores Cannon who specializes in past life regressions, suggested the connection between the time portal and Atlantis. She explained that there is this one Building in Atlantis that was buried down and stored a machine that was used for time traveling. This machine was powered by the energy crystals and is currently still partially operating. If a boat or a plane appeared to be in the path of this machine ray or beam lights, then it would be projected into some other dimensions.
The time portal theory is strengthened by an airplane figurines found in ancient Egypt that look a lot like modern warplanes, because they probably saw them back then.

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4. Sea Monsters

Bermuda Triangle was believed to be the home of mysterious sea monsters that lead to the disappearance of ships. In 2005, Japanese researchers made a stunning discovery of a 30-foot gigantic squid near Bonin Islands, about a thousand kilometers directly south of Tokyo. Science experts from the National Science Museum of Japan identified the creature as an Architeuthis, a very rare species that snatches upon the bait with intense force. Bermuda Triangle researcher Rob Simone believes that the discovery proves something identical could possibly be hiding somewhere across waters of Bermuda. In the past, researchers have discovered a number of various sea creatures in the waters beneath the Bermuda Triangle.

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5. Magnetic Forces

Probably the most well-known myth is the myth about magnetic compasses will all be off in the Bermuda Triangle and spinning wildly out of control. Some evidence to suggest that the Bermuda Triangle is one of two places on Earth where a magnetic compass sometimes points towards true north, instead of the magnetic north.
According to Columbus’s Journal, a few days before the UFO sighting, Columbus noticed that his compass was providing strange readings. He decided not to notify his crew members initially, considering that having a malfunctioning compass might throw the whole crews into a panic.

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