5 Simple and Useful Hacks for Daily Life

1. Fold your shirt in under 2 seconds

Folding your laundry after washing and drying can be a pain in the ass. But struggle no more! Below is one technique to get the folding done more efficiently.

  • Lay your shirt on any flat surface with the front of the shirt facing up and the neckline is on your right.
  • Draw two imaginary lines, first one is the horizontal line in the middle between top and bottom of the shirt and second is the vertical line between the neckline and outside edge.
  • Identify 3 points: A is the point where the line cross in the middle of the shirt. B is the top point. C is the bottom point.
  • Pick point A with left hand.
  • Pick point B with right hand.
  • Pick point C with your right hand while crossing over your left hand.
  • Unfold your arms quickly.
  • Put back to the flat surface.
  • Fold the shirt back onto itself.

With a bit of practice you will be able to do it more quickly.

Source: DaveHax

2. Turn plastic bags into triangle to save space

Buying your groceries might end you up with a pile of plastic bags and take up a lot of room. Instead of tossing the plastic bags directly into the trash, you can turn them into a triangle shape for reuse later.

  • Flatten the plastic bag and make sure no air inside the bag.
  • Fold the plastic bag in half multiple times until it narrow enough.
  • Fold one bottom corner of the plastic bag and form a triangle.
  • Keep folding up until you reach the top.
  • Once you reach the end, there will be a leftover which you can stick into the opening formed by the fold.

Unfold the plastic bag back to the original shape also has never been so easy!

Source: Winnie Y

3. Remove wrinkles from your clothes (without an iron)

Many people found these methods really useful when they need to remove wrinkles from clothes. Here are 4 tricks you can use:

  • DIY wrinkle release spray — Mix 1 tablespoon of fabric softener with 1 cup of water, and spray your clothes using the liquid.
  • Hang your clothes in the shower — Start the shower and adjust a hot water temparature. Don’t forget to close the door so the hot steam remain inside.
  • Use hairdryer — Blow out all the wrinkles using a hairdryer.
  • Press your clothes between 2 towels — Place the first towel on a flat surface, then put your clothes on top of the first towel. Lay second towel on top of the clothes and press all the wrinkles out.

All methods above require you to use your hand and gently remove the wrinkles.

Source: Slate

4. Tie your shoe lace in 1 second

This is a pretty cool trick to tie your shoe lace really quick, especially when you are in hurry.

  • Prepare your shoe lace and laid it out like below.
  • Grab both side of shoe lace with 3 fingers each: middle, ring, and pinky finger.
  • On your left hand, wrap around the left lace using your index finger and put it at the back of your index finger and thumb.
  • On your right hand, wrap around the right lace in different direction using your thumb and put it at the back of your index finger and thumb.
  • Bring your finger close together and each pinch the area between index finger and thumb.
  • Pull both side through at the same time and voilà you tie your shoes.

This method may take you multiple times to master so keep doing until it is out of your head.

Source: Yasin Ikram

4. Fill up a large bucket of water with sink (without a hose)

Bucket won’t fit in the sink? There is an easy way to fill it up by using utilities you have in your house!

  • Use a dustpan — Simply put the dustpan below the sink with the handle point towards the bucket.

Source: Lifehacker

  • Use a plastic bottle — Cut bottom part of an empty plastic bottle that fit into the sink and point the top of the bottle towards the bucket.

Source: WCSkills

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