5 Xiaomi Features You Probably Would Not Know

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1. Hidden Album/Folder

Some people don’t know about this feature. This feature is made for people who wants to save the photos that they don’t want other people to see. But some people who has already known about this feature are quite confused of where is the hidden album located and how to open it. As a reminder, this feature is only available on Xiaomi phones with MIUI 7 or above.
Here’s how to open your hidden gallery:

  • Open your Xiaomi gallery
  • Swipe left to show the tab Cloud. You will need to sign in your Mi account first to show the content of the cloud.
  • Then, press and hold down as far as you can in the Cloud tab screen. This will show a lock icon at the top of the screen. This is the hidden gallery.

2. Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode is in fact a feature for all android phone, not only for Xiaomi. This mode has a function to fix your phone system, updating your phone system, etc. But, the main reason why people use this is to recover your phone, when for example, your phone or tablet catches a boot loop or shows white screen when you turn it on. Because of these, you need to use the recovery mode and select Factory Reset. There are two ways to use bring your phone Xiaomi into the recovery mode.
First, the easier way:

  • Open your settings
  • Head to the about phone menu
  • Pick the system update
  • Click the Settings button(three dots;upper right)
  • Pick the reboot to recovery mode

Second, the harder way:

  • Turn off your Xiaomi phone
  • Now, press and hold the Volume Up and the Power Button simultaneously
  • You will feel a vibration and then release only the power button
  • After seeing the recovery mode, release the volume up button

3. Delete Duplicate (Similar) Picture

Often when taking photos, we take them in some multiple angles to take a perfect shot. However, there are a small number of users who are willing to manually organize the photos and delete the unwanted ones. This then made the phones saving a lot of similar photos in the gallery which will take up storage space. Because of this, Xiaomi develop a feature to pick similar pictures and let the user pick which one do they want to save.
How to delete similar picture:

  • Open the Security app and select cleaner
  • In the upper box, you will find the Deep Clean option
  • There will be several options inside. Pick the delete similar photos option
  • Now you can delete the unwanted similar pictures

4. Task in Notes

With MIUI 11, you can make your own to-do list on your smartphone by only opening the note app! You can track down what you want to do and get more productive by creating tasks with only a simple left-swipe on the note app. This app has also integrated the Mi calendar app in, so you will always be informed when something happens. Furthermore, these tasks can be made by voice recording! How helpful.

5. Gesture Navigation

MIUI 10 has given us a useable feature for making our life simpler and is still present in MIUI 11. It is the gesture feature! The gesture is quite similar to the iso one. Even though, Xiaomi phones have Physical navigation buttons, you can use these Gesture to make things faster. There are 4 type of gestures added: Go to home screen, Open recent, Go back, and switch between apps.
How to enable full screen gesture:

  • Open up the settings
  • Click the additional settings option
  • Choose the Full Screen Display
  • Select the Full Screen Gestures option below the right picture

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