About Us

5Knowledges is a blog created by two brothers. It is a blog that gives you 5 facts about anything in life that you probably ever or never heard before. We give various types of facts from travelling, entertainment, technology, sport, history etc. We believe that our blog can give you more knowledge and understanding about life.

The 5knowledges logo has several elements in it, which every each one of them means something. The book, which we can see has a bigger sized content than the cover. In every book the contents are the most important element. It is the element that carries the information. Also, you cannot judge a book by only its cover. A good book can only judge good by seeing its contents. Our logo elements are coloured purple and dark blue, whereas both means wisdom.

You are free to use this blog as a media for learning or for satisfying your curiosity. We will update 5 new facts twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday. So, don’t forget to check up on us every week. I hope that you will enjoy your time here. We are also grateful for any feedback from you.

Happy reading and get smart! 🙂